Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm 32!!!

Hey everyone,

so yeah i've been long gone from this blogging thing. i was applying for jobs and going to interviews. I thought i had one but as soon as i said i had cf, it was dunzo. whatever maybe it's a sign i need to just focus on my workingout and staying healthy. My pft's are stable at the sucky 30's and my weight my great at 105.

Also i've met a few guys and went on a lunch date on monday. i thought it went great but he hasnt called and i didnt call him. i got stood up on friday. ehhh, those things dont surprise me anymore living here in miami. i heard this radio show that said miami is the most attractive city. also there are more women then men here. it's freaking torture. why cant i be happy that i have my health, family, and friends? why cant i just be like ok, screw men. i guess it's cause i've been single for soooo long.

my bday weekend was fun. on saturday me and 3 girlfriends went to this resturant/bar/club. yep lots of slashes. it was such a great time. awesome atomsphere and the music was pretty good. it was just great to go somewhere that there was a non somking policy. it's super hard to find those in miami. then on sunday we did a little family party at my aunt's house. the dolphins actually won! it was a great time. i got some money and a few great presents. i had an awesome time. well that's all for now. laters, wendy :)