Sunday, May 9, 2010


omg, i'm addicted to glee!! it's crazy, i love it sooo much. i wish i could sing like they do. michele lea has such an amazing voice and jonathan groff is gorgeous, why do he have to be gay? :( i'm watching the episodes i've missed. i might be starting cayston real soon. i've signed some papers to get the meds. i still havent seen any progress with me working out and doing all my meds and cpt once with a therapist and again with my vest but i havent gotten sick so i guess thats good. nothing else is really new. all is the same which i guess is good. the only thing missing is a good man but hey, we cant have it all. lol. i do want one with all my heart but things cant be rushed. i always seem to want guys i cant have, like ones who live states away. i really dont find anyone attractive in miami. i've decided when i make money from the insurance indemnities i would want to move to west palm beach. laters, wendy v.