Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm 36 and i have CFRD. I wish people understood that sometimes whatever you do, how much you take care of yourself, CF happens. When i was in my late teens and early 20's i worked, went to school and my lung function stayed great. Then my late 20's came and the body changes, your stamina might not be the same as before. is it cf or age?? who knows. I get mad when people think that cfers go into a downward spiral because they didn't take care of themselves. No, not true. CF i feel sometimes is a delayed disease. I'm not saying that everyone will get bad, i'm just saying that sometimes it hits you without you changing your routine in life. I didn't have the chance to take time to workout and do therapy all the time. why? well i had to work to get insurance, back then i couldn't stay on mommy's insurance, i had to get out there and work and i didn't qualify for SSI. I did my best and i'm proud of where i am. Do i regret going to clubs, crazy vacations, and just being wild with my friends? Hell No!! i lived life and i guess now i'm working hard just to stay living it. Yes, my pft's are in the high 20's but i do everything i can to keep them there or to get better. Once you get scarring in the lungs your lung function won't come back. Also i'm at a perfect weight for my height and that has helped me stay healthy but lung function wise it has stayed the same. i meant to put this on another blogger's site but it wouldn't go through.