Thursday, February 21, 2013

my sis's wedding, doc update, ect.

My sis got married on feb. 9. i was the maid of honor and i was so stressed out. i did a lot for that wedding and spent a ton of money. well i'm negative in the bank now. lol. My boyfriend wasn't in the greatest of moods because the day before he had worked and then drove all the way to miami. He was beyond exhausted. also he gets anxiety attacks and also there's something else that he doesn't like about parties so i'll just leave it at that. He got mad at me cause i caught the bouquet. i did it to be with my cousins and just everyone, i didn't do it to be mean. he took it the wrong way and i guess now that we talked about it, he sees my side and i see his. so the reception wasn't really that great for me. i also sucked at the maid of honor speech. the best man had his written on his i-phone. ugh, so bogus. lol.

So my sis got married on saturday and monday i had a doc appt. i got 30% on my pft's which were a little down but it's around my baseline. i had a new doc see me and OMG, he was so weird. i swear it was like he was on speed. He was all over the place, he said oh, i see you're sick and i told him no, i'm just tired. then he told me about my vitamin levels and he was like you vitamin A is low and then he's like no it's your vitamin D. Then he put me on levaquin for 3 weeks!! i was so mad, i never take antibiotics for more than 2 weeks. Whatever, so then i left and my Normal doc calls me and says "why didn't you tell me you were sick" i told him i wasn't sick that i told the other doc i was stressed out and tied. The he tells me to come in the next day for another pft test. which i was already stressed out about the antibiotics and the new doc. Which btw, other cfers had told me this new doc was horrendous and also one of my friends had passed away while in the hospital under his care. I'm not saying that it's the docs fault but i do feel like you should listen to your patient when they are telling you they don't feel bad and it was just a bad day for pfts. Don't give them antibiotics when they don't need it so then you're resistant to every drug. UGH!! so the next day i went and did more pft's and they were the same. The doc says that if i'm not better we will need to talk about long-term iv's and i was so mad, i could freaking  see smoke coming out of my nose!! My doc has never been like this, i feel like he's letting this new doc run things. Some docs have protocols which i can't stand because every patient is different and shouldn't be a number on a paper. This new doc seems like one of those.  I have to go back on monday for more pfts and also i'm doing a research, not on new meds just on tobi and cayston instead of colistin and cayston. I've been working out like crazy and i pray my pft's will be a couple of points higher. I just get so nervous when i do pft's and i've tried everything to relax. yoga, breathing techniques, meds. nothing works. I don't believe in long-term iv's. i feel like that will kill my spirit and just make me more depressed. i feel like once you get resistant to everything you have to get on the tx list and that's the docs hidden agenda.

Otherwise, i'm back in spring hill and loving it. i love the quietness and the calm. I've actually started to love this place. still boring but i don't mind. miami is full of traffic and drama. So today is thursday and i have to go to miami on sunday for my appt on monday. another full day. so i hope and pray everything works out so i can come back on tues or wed the latest! here are some pics from the wedding!! :)