Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dr. visit on Monday!

well i had my last study appt. on monday. i've been off the study med for a month now. i'm at 108 weight wise which is super heavy for me. i've never been over 104. then i did the dreaded pft. the last time i was at 32% which sucks. i've been stuck on that for 4 months now. it's better than last year when i was at 29% and on the transplant list. so i remember doing the pft and looking at my fev1 with shock. it was at 39%! i know it's not much at all but i've been working so hard to just get something past 35% and finally i did it. also my docs told me last yr that my scarring in my lungs were pretty bad and i would only be able to get up to 35 or 36% and now i'm at 39%. it's insane and i hope the machine wasnt broken or messed up. i'm going back in two weeks so we'll see how i'm doing at that time. i feel the same with 39% honestly. i have been working out almost 5 to 6 days a week. it's not hard work outs but i do sprints outside and i do my exercise bands to tone up and i have the eliptical and treadmil also i have been sweeping and mopping 4 days a week cleaning my house floors and omg that's such a workout. lol. my chest was really tight and sore on the weekend and i was super scared but the doc says it's my chest muscles expanding and getting sore. i never knew cleaning the floors could do that. lol. going to the beach tomorrow and cant wait to get sun! i feel like the sun also helps us cfers. vitamin e! i think. i hope the water isnt too cold and i hope there are no jellyfish. i'm deathly afraid of those things!! laters.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Any CFers wanna make easy money????

There is a market research company asking CFers questions about our medications and our opinions on CF products. If you qualify, you get paid $50 and for referring you I will get $50 as well. If you are interested, please reply back to me and I will email you the info. If not, then I will pass this on to other CF friends. If you qualify for the study I , wendy victorero, will get $50 for referring you. This sounds pretty fair to me! If your like me, then you could use the $50 right now as well. They ask you: what kind of inhaled medications do you use, what kind of antibiotics do you use, what kind of neb and compressor do you use (brand). If you qualify, youll get a $50 check. I do a lot of the CF market research studies, and you usually get your check within 3 weeks.