Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Always Greener on the other side

Have you ever wanted someone else's life?? Ever seen pics of their perfect world where they are a lawyer and hubby is a doc? Seen pics of their beautiful vacations and how much fun they are having? Seen pics of her pregnant and still looking gorgeous? I know they say the grass always looks greener on the other side but what if it is??

I dislike living here in spring hill which is 5hrs away from miami. I've told my boyfriend this and he knows i want to be closer but he still has to finish his contract here. We have to stay for a year and a half more. I know i say i love being at home but when there's no one to be with it sucks. I'd love to be close to miami so i can hangout with my cousins and friends. They would be able to come over to my place and i can cook dinner for them. I must admit my boyfriend isn't the party type at all. he loves his home quiet and i respect that. I've been thinking what can i do to change things?? How can i get that perfect life?? honestly i feel like i've been dealt some pretty shitty cards in life. i've been through all the bad things someone has to go through to get a better card. the abusive boyfriend, the cheating boyfriend, the health issues, the family drama, being used by men, working full-time even though my health suffered, going to college (for a bit) even though my health got worse, and i still feel like i've done nothing and have nothing to show for it. ugh!! it's just one of those woe is me days. I know i have tons of great things, awesome parents, great few friends, great boyfriend, great sis and family but i guess maybe as humans we always want more. I know i can go back to school but i'm actually afraid of getting sick from the students always coming to class sick. i'm not even sure what i want to do. i dunno, right now i'm just sleep deprived and i have an antibiotic brain so i'm not very coherent. lol. gotta go take the doggie out to poop. ahhh, my life is wonderful. haha.