Monday, October 11, 2010


lately i've been thinking about stuff and ever since i broke up with my ex (yes, i'm talking about my ex again) i havent had those butterflies about anyone. i mean i usually get butterflies when a cute guy comes in a room but nothing, i have no feelings. i've gone out on dates and i've done the internet thing and gone out with friends but i havent found anyone who's made me feel the least bit like the x. Could it be that i'm done? is that the love of my life? it sure feels like it, i feel no one will do the things he did. if you dont know just read my prior posts. lol. i saw his page on facebook. there's two of them one he has i guess for his family and one for his friends. i asked for a friend request which he hasnt replied to. Also he's back in tampa from a year of being in afghanistan. i'm going to be in tampa halloween weekend, i hope i dont run into him. that'll be pretty crazy since i'll be with a guy. the guy isnt anything but a good time and a good friend. i'll be a slutty schoolgirl for halloween. woohoo, that should be fun. ;)