Sunday, August 15, 2010

Getting some mental therapy.

well i'm going to start seeing a psychologist. i so need one. i've been pretty blue lately and it's for no reason. well it might be due to the fact i dont have a guy and my family is asking me why not. also when i did this research thing for a psychologist at UM i almost started crying when she got to the emotional part. i know i've said this before but i feel like i have nothing to offer a man. i cant give him kids nor can i have a full-time job, i mean my health is my job. i love being able to do my vest if i need to in the middle of the day or a neb. i just love having all the time in the world to do and go wherever i want. But why cant i be like this when it comes to my dating life? also i hate when guys remember me for one thing, and it's not a good one. wtf is that all about? maybe i need to become a nun. geez i'm already 32 but in cf age it's more like 62. my friend told me he met this chick with a full-time job and getting her MBA and she was gorgeous and i was like how would i ever compete with that? oh, i can cough up more mucus than her??? i dont know how i'm better than anyone. i always feel like i have to accomadate to people and please them. pleasing them so they like me. why cant they please me? i'm so unbalanced when it comes to dating and relationships. i have no idea who's gonna want to put up with me. blah. i feel like relationshits is all i talk about. sorry everyone. i feel like the samantha in my group of friends. i always say i'm happy to be single but i long for someone. i hate dating.