Tuesday, March 9, 2010


well after taking two days off this weekend i got back to working out on monday. i did one mile on the tredmil and jumped rope, it has a counter on it and i did about 100 jumps. then i do some cooling down exercises. At night i was online and chatting with a friend and i told this friend my fev1 which i know sucks, it's at 28% which it has been since late last yr. but my docs dont seem to be worried and they know that if i needed to get on the transplant list i would totally understand and i feel great. Well my friend was so mean and scarying me. he told me that if i caught a bug i would die and i wont get back to baseline and i should get evaluated, hello my doctor is on the board of members who select if someone needs a tx or not. i think he would have told me a long time ago if i needed one. i was just so upset cause i know this isnt my baseline, i know i can do better. today i was back on the tredmil and i did a over a mile and a half and did the jump rope for over a hundred jumps. then at night i do the vest, in the morning a therapist comes and gives me cpt. also i know that the new med azteronam will bring my fev1 up. when i went to the doc last monday my fev1 stayed the same but my fvc went up alot. over ten points. so i was happy and my weight is stable at 105 which is great for me. ok, gotta go. wendy v.

Friday, March 5, 2010

finally new post!

well lets see. what's new??? i went to tennessee for new years and had a great time. i became an auntie in oct and i've been loving it! i hope to start school soon but my financial aid didnt go through cause i owe a loan which now i'm paying off. i own a toyota camry which i need to change to gas pedal cause one day my car wont stop. great! It's all quiet on the boyfriend front. story of my life. lol. oh, in dec. i wrote an email to my ex and he wrote me back not to bother him so it was an awesome wake up call. i've never bothered him again, also he told me he's getting sent to afghanistan(sp) great time to tell people to fuck off. the only reason i wrote to him was because i was feeling super sick and i wanted to vent and maybe get some support from him. Big Mistake!

I'm working out a lot more. i'm actually doing a mile a day on the tredmil and i'm trying to better my time each day i do it. when i started it took me 28 mins and now i'm at 19 mins. it's been about 3 weeks since i started working out this intensily(sp). i jump rope as well and i do about 200 jumps a day. i've been doing this for about 3 weeks and i went to the doc on monday and weight is still 105 and my fev1 sucks at 28 but my fvc went super high, it's in the 50's. my doc was impressed. i'm a horrible speller. umm.....i figured out a way to make money each time i go into the hospt. it's getting these insurance policies and they pay you for each day you are there. i know some cfers who have 11 policies and some of them pay from 300 to 1000 dollars a day. also there's ones that if you need a transplant the day you go for the operation you get 25 grand. my friend has 3 of those and that 75 grand you can have and new lungs! also incase your not listed in your state and have to stay somewhere else that money will go a long way. i'm very excited about this cause i couple of yrs ago i got so sick i was going in like every 3 months. now if that happens i'll be at least making money. i know money isnt everything but not being able to work a full time job with cf at least i'm getting some sort of income. also since i have ssdi i dont have to tell the government and it's all tax free. so ladies when i go in the hosp i might be coming out with 10 grand. lol. my mom is going to help me take out some policies and of course she wants half the cut. lol. i'm only going in once a year right now but who knows what the future holds. it only counts if your inhouse not in home health. with this money and me also going back to school and working as a sub. teacher i want to move out and finally start living on my own. i will find a place close to home cause i'll probably eat dinner at my parents place. lol. i hope and pray things go as planned. i actually have a happy outlook on the future. :) ok, if anyone has questions about the policies let me know and i can give you the agents number. some polices are like twenty dollars a month but can go up to 300 a month. those pay out a grand a day when your in so it's worth it in the end. here are some new pics!!!