Thursday, April 16, 2009

Any CFers wanna make easy money????

There is a market research company asking CFers questions about our medications and our opinions on CF products. If you qualify, you get paid $50 and for referring you I will get $50 as well. If you are interested, please reply back to me and I will email you the info. If not, then I will pass this on to other CF friends. If you qualify for the study I , wendy victorero, will get $50 for referring you. This sounds pretty fair to me! If your like me, then you could use the $50 right now as well. They ask you: what kind of inhaled medications do you use, what kind of antibiotics do you use, what kind of neb and compressor do you use (brand). If you qualify, youll get a $50 check. I do a lot of the CF market research studies, and you usually get your check within 3 weeks.

1 comment:

Graciy said...

sounds worth trying. If you send me the info I'll try to get Josh to help out=0)

How are you by the way?