Tuesday, March 9, 2010


well after taking two days off this weekend i got back to working out on monday. i did one mile on the tredmil and jumped rope, it has a counter on it and i did about 100 jumps. then i do some cooling down exercises. At night i was online and chatting with a friend and i told this friend my fev1 which i know sucks, it's at 28% which it has been since late last yr. but my docs dont seem to be worried and they know that if i needed to get on the transplant list i would totally understand and i feel great. Well my friend was so mean and scarying me. he told me that if i caught a bug i would die and i wont get back to baseline and i should get evaluated, hello my doctor is on the board of members who select if someone needs a tx or not. i think he would have told me a long time ago if i needed one. i was just so upset cause i know this isnt my baseline, i know i can do better. today i was back on the tredmil and i did a over a mile and a half and did the jump rope for over a hundred jumps. then at night i do the vest, in the morning a therapist comes and gives me cpt. also i know that the new med azteronam will bring my fev1 up. when i went to the doc last monday my fev1 stayed the same but my fvc went up alot. over ten points. so i was happy and my weight is stable at 105 which is great for me. ok, gotta go. wendy v.

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