Monday, March 30, 2009

How do i change the background?

How do i change the background. i've done it before but when i try to add a new one it doesnt pop up. anyways everything is going ok since yesterday. no big changes. lol. chatted with some friends online. i got my new ipod in the mail and my new speakers but i'm still waiting for the twilight movie. i have no idea how i got so into it. i swore i was going to hate it and i started watching it and loved it! cant wait for the next one. well it's 60 days til i go to hawaii. i'm super excited but i'm the type of person who holds it all in. with cf you learn to do that cause you never know what can happen the next day, hour, minute. it sucks but it's reality. i never syke myself for anything cause i know it might not happen. i've been chatting with another cf online who is going through a rough patch in his relationship. it's really helped me to be able to vent to someone who also has cf and understands our mind set when it comes to relationships. well it's late and i have therapy in the morning.

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