Monday, May 18, 2009

so.....i'm working out like a beast and trying to cough up as much as possible! my friend told me about this supplement called NAC that's supposed to maintain cellular health. she knows someone who's pft's went up 10%. i think that's just amazing. right now if they told me that dog poop helped with my lungs i'd be right there trying it. lol. i'm so ready for hawaii, i want to do so much. i just hope i dont get short of breath. if i do i know that i can just take a minute and breathe deeply and i'll be fine. oh, i went up to tampa to see my friend from dc and it was so crazy. everywhere i looked reminded me of things i did with my ex. he lives up in tampa. so i ended up texting him and of course he's doing great and working alot and everything is just sunshine and rainbows. BARF. i want to be happy for him but it's so hard. my friend from dc was a great host. it wasnt what i thought it was going to be but it was nice. w/e no biggie. i'm really hoping my lung functions go up when i see the docs the week after hawaii. my gluts are killing me! yesterday i climbed up this rock slide all day long and now i feel it like crazy! i'm dying to do it again. haha. gotta go. bye!!

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