Monday, September 26, 2011

update. :)

i know it's been forever, i've just been so busy. i feel like before i was just writing about the same thing. So i have a boyfriend. he's great and so sweet and understanding. he's 36 and has a doctorate in physical therapy. Unfortunately he's tried to pass his board exam like 3 times and no success. i feel so bad for him. he's tried study groups and studying alone, sometimes i would help him and he would do great but he just doesnt test well. Not to mention he has ADD/ADHD and has always had problems with his grades. i give him credit though cause he was able to finish grad school and get his doctorate. He cant get a job in his field unless he passes this exam and he feels bad getting a low paying job just til he can pass the exam. he feels like he's moving backwards. i tell him all the time how much he's accomplished and he should be proud but he's just so sad. My cf is stable. my last pft went from 27% to 30% in two months. i've been working out a lot and putting on weight. dont want to be this much weight. it's kinda hard to breathe and stick in my stomach. lol. i've also applied for a couple of part time jobs and per diem jobs so we'll see how that goes. hopefully i'll update sooner. :) here's a pic of me and my guy.

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Amy said...

I was wondering how his test went. Sorry he didn't pass again. Can he get any accommodations for the ADD/ADHD?