Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To do a Tune-up or not to Tune-up??

well it's been over 16 months since i've had my last hospitalization. Last time i went in it was because i coughed up blood and i had a small spot on my lung that looked like early pneumonia. So now i'm asking myself if i should go in. I feel ok, i mean my pft's havent really moved and i really don't know if IV's would change that. Also sometimes tune-up's make you worse for some reason. Then there's the hospital. There are two different ones here in miami that my doc can put me in. One i love and the other one i hate. The reason i hate this one certain hospital is because i was there for 4 days and left in tears and was transferred to the one i love (thx god). This hospital that i hate had me in tears because, well first off None of the staff knew what CF was. Second the med sch. was so outta hand, they gave me my meds at all the wrong times and they didn't know what most of them were even for. Third the therapist didn't know how to give cpt, i was enraged. Fourth, i needed 3 IV's while i was there which was only 4 days. Fifth, i asked for a heating pad for my back which was killing me from all the coughing and they gave me some 1950's machine that had tubes connected to a heating pad that leaked water all the time. I swear they were trying to kill me!! Last and not least The NURSING STAFF was HORRIBLE, they were so incompetent i just couldn't believe they were RN's. One nurse came in and then the aid came in as well and i was telling them about the old heating pad and then they started talking creole, right in front of me and my  mom. I guess they didnt think i had ever had a job because one thing about working in a hospital is that HIPPA says you can't speak another language infront of the patient because the patient will think you are talking about them. So when this happened to me i was livid to hear them talking in my room in front of my mom and i in another language. I told them please speak in english in my room and the nurse said, We aren't talking about you, i said that's not the point. Then the nurse manager came in and i told her how horrible the nursing staff was. Then patient relations got into it and they opened a case about how i was treated, i never found out what happened but i hope some changes were made. i hear they staff is better now and that the hosp has even opened a pulmonary rehab clinic but just thinking about having to go in that hospital brings me to tears. I'll see what the doc says and hopefully if i do go in i'll go in the hospital i love, where everyone knows my name and knows what cf is. Also if my pft's are up i'm not going in at all. so we'll see what happens. ugh, what to do.


Amy said...

I would tell your doc you will only go in if you get the good hospital. F that other one!

sunshine rose said...

so true. i'm kinda scared to go in since i read your blog and saw that you're feeling worse after the tune-up. :( i hope you're feeling better. next time you're in orlando let me know. i'm only an hour away. :)

Amy said...

don't worry! Unless you are planning a wedding, taking too many classes and planning a honeymoon you should be OK ;)