Sunday, August 4, 2013

Not about Me anymore

My grandma is in ICU. Her heart is weak from pneumonia and i'm unable to be with my family at the hosp. because as we all know cfers are super magnets for germs. It's ok cause i called my CF doc who works at the hosp my grandma's at and he's actually helping by telling one of his friend's who is in charge of the ICU to watch over her health. I'm happy to say that yesterday was very scary, she was intubated and her heart was very weak. She was only breathing at 20% Today she's breathing at 40%. I know she'll get through this. She's 76 and i know it will be difficult for her to come back but i feel like she still has some fight in her.

The lesion on my spleen has taken a back seat for now. I tried to read the picture CD they gave me but it made me more confused than anything. I usually would of ask the Tech if they saw anything but i was to scared. I also asked my doc if he had any results and he said by Monday. I told him i was so stressed out with everything going on and his response was "RELAX". easy for him to say. lol. I have this horrible thought that the reason i haven't been able to go back to spring hill where i live with my boyfriend is that there's a reason i have to be in miami. maybe it's cause there is something wrong with me. I know it's crazy to think like that but my brain works in a fucked up way. well that's it for now. I hope to have better news tomorrow or in a few days.

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