Thursday, July 23, 2009

it's been forever since i blogged!

ok, lets see what's new........ Well i finally got into the new spiriva study! its so awesome. that drug opens up those airways and so much stuff comes out it's incredible. even when you think you are clear, you still bring stuff up. I was at the clinic on tuesday doing the study and they give you the med and you have to do 3 pft's every hour for 4 hrs. i was so dead when we finished. my pft's went from fev1 of 30% to 34% in four hrs, not bad! also i'm working out like crazy with ankle and wrists weight that i have on almost for 3 hrs a day. i have them on when i workout and when i'm cleaning the house and doing the floors, etc. i'm not going to lie, it's been really tough to keep up this schedule. i remember back a few yrs ago, waking up doing an albuterol and leaving for work for 8hrs then going to school unti 10pm and still partying on the weekends. i cant imagine going back to work now. i love having all the time off in the world to workout and do my meds and if i want to go somewhere on a trip i just go. i would like to do something extra but maybe something like answering phones somewhere. no pressure job that's for sure. my sis will be having her baby in oct. i cant wait. i felt him kick for the first time yesterday. it was sooo cool. i'll be taking care of him while she's at work when he gets here. it's so exciting!!

Then yesterday i got an urge. A bad urge, i felt kind of like a drug addict who wanted just a little hit of the drug. I was dying to text the ex. I've been doing so well, i havent texted him since may 30th, which was his bday. So i called my girls and thank god they helped me out and talked me through it and i didnt text. I came pretty close to breaking down. I guess it's just i havent been interested at all in anyone else, he's still pretty fresh in my mind. Also there's this new guy who works at the cf clinic and omg, i get so nervous around him. he's 28yrs old and sooo cute. he's from san fran. When i get nervous i get really chatty and i was talking his ear off on tuesday. i mean i was there for over 4 hrs. so i was bored out of my mind. I got to know a bit about him. he has two masters in science and wants to go to med school and become a surgeon. what's wrong with pulmonology? lol. i hate that most people who work in the hospital field always see us patients not as regular people who go out and have fun. they think we just lay in bed and wait to die. I was telling him about these places i go to hang out with my friends and he was like, oh really! anyways the point to this was that i was so nervous doing my pft's cause he was right behind me telling me blow, blow, blow, you can do it, just a little bit more. I'm so evil all the horrible thoughts running through my head. haha, i just wanted to bust out laughing. plus you know when your doing a pft sometimes you squeeze your buns tight, lol. he was right behing me. i hope he wasnt looking down. then the coughing up afterwards was the worst. i kept thinking this is so unattractive. it's funny cause i bet he didnt even notice. i'm just silly when it comes to men. ugh. oh i'm going to the smokey mountains for new years!! yay!! i cant freaking wait. i love skiing. even though i'm horrible at it. ok that's about it. bye!!

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niki36 said...

that is great about the spiriva!!

also, the part about the cute guy at the cf clinic had me cracking up. you are too funny.

glad you didnt text the ex!!!

love ya girlie =)