Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How they do it.....

I have no idea how people can breakup with someone and then just start dating the next day. Someone close to me had a breakup about a month ago and is already seeing someone new. I really cant stand miami and the way people are here. I'd love to get away from this atomsphere. It's just so stressful and toxic. Another friend of mine that i liked a long while back is dating someone and i'm super happy for him but why not me? Did you know that in miami there are ten girl for every guy. The competition here is insane. Also families put tons of pressure on you about dating and being alone. They are relaxed with me because of my CF. They think oh well she has it harder cause of her illness. That guy that i went on the date on texted me the next day but i havent heard from him since and dont really care if i ever do. I know i started this blog to speak about my CF but right now i'm doing well. Not perfect in anyway but i havent been in the hospital for almost a year and stable with my pft's. I've decided to start paralegal school in Jan. with my cousin. I want a temp job and there's tons of law firms here hiring. I dont want full time cause i'll lose my SSI and my medicare/medicaid. Plus being a temp you'll have a job for a month and then you can take 3 weeks off and relax. I dont want to be stuck at one place. Especially since CF is so unpredictable. This sunday is my sis's baby shower. It will only be the ladies. I know it'll be tons of fun but i'll be kinda depressed i wont ever be able to know what a baby inside me feels like. I'll be sure to post pics. Not to sound dirty but i need a man in my life!! lol.

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