Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bad Date!!

well my best friend set me up with a guy from her job. he saw my facebook and thought i was cute and i thought he was good looking too. So we talked during the week and saturday decided to go to the beach. i didnt tell him about my cf cause i wanted him to get to know me first. Actually this is on the advice of my family and friends. they are saying i am not cf, and that i shouldnt just blurt it out to everyone. It's hard for me to do that cause i know at one point i'm going to cough or take out my pills and i am cf in a way.

We get to the beach and everything is fine. He's kinda quiet and i'm the kind of person who likes to talk and be fun. I'm trying to get him out of his "shell" so i try to put him on the spot which i thought he would be ok with cause on our talks on the phone he was so flirty with me. I asked him so do you still think i'm cute? The dude didnt say a word back, i swear i heard cricketts in the backgroud. I was like well since you didnt say anything i guess that means no. Then he said that's not true, maybe i just dont want you to know what i think. By that time i was already done with him. Then we walk back to the garage i parked my car at and the elevator didnt work. We had to climb 6 flights of stairs. I was pretty SOB, he was looking at me like wow, what a lazy chick. I couldnt stand him thinking something so wrong so i told him i had cf. Of course i'm the kind of person who likes to be blunt and say the truth about cf. i'm not going to paint a beautiful great picture cause if i do get worse i wouldnt want him to say i didnt tell him. After i told him he immediately changed the subject. We got to his place and we watched a movie and he cooked me dinner. Well this part is pretty messed up. We had a joke on the phone about taking showers. So i asked him what are you going to do now? He said i'm going to take a shower and blah, blah, blah. So i said i'd love to take a shower. Which he replied, dont you have a shower in your house. OMG, that was the last straw!! I was like yeah you're right. So i gave him a hug goodbye and he told me to text him when i got home which i didnt care to do. I was so upset. I felt like darn do i look that horrible in person? i know i take ok pics but this guy was a dick. i guess he was the first guy i really thought was cute since my ex so it hit me hard. Also i saw my ex had been online and he never replied to my email. kinda hurt. Last night was really horrible. I'm so thankfull for my good friends. especially my friend joe in DC. i wish he lived here. we would be together in a heartbeat. lol. well that's about it. hope everyone had a great weekend. laters, wendy


niki36 said...

girl i wouldve left when he didnt say i looked cute!!! what an asshole!!!! glad you are going out but sorry it was so awful. keep your head up, you deserve a great guy and i know you will find him soon. xoxo

sunshine rose said...

thxs niki. i wanted a free dinner and he was actually a great cook. lol. ehhh, i fucking hate the dating world. but what am i going to do. :\