Tuesday, August 18, 2009

just the same thing......

Nothing different is going on. everything is chill. My sis's baby shower was on sunday and it was great. that guy i went out on a date with texted me like once last week. just to say hi. f'ing loser. oh, i went today to my research appt and the cute guy was there. it was so embarrassing cause he was taking my vitals and my heart rate was at 118. i told him it's always that high but really it's cause i have a huge crush on him. lol. Also i got his number!! not for personal reasons but incase i have a question about the meds and stuff. i'm going to orlando for labor day and i cant wait. ummm.......really nothing else is new. my fev1 was at 32% today without doing my meds or therapy. that's pretty good, i guess. i'm not complaining. as all as i feel great and i'm not getting sick i really dont care about my numbers. also i am pushing myself more than ever with my workouts. the doctor said never go by the numbers unless you feel them. I dont feel them so i'm happy. i might have to have my wisdom teeth pulled out. ugh!! ok that's about it. peace out!

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niki36 said...

I nominated you for an award..check out my blog =)