Monday, March 19, 2012

where to start, ok this is gonna sound like i'm hating but that's not the truth at all. some couples get engaged and it's all good but some just go nuts about it. my sis is engaged and i swear it's all been between the family. she's never put pics on facebook or status. I guess i've never been the one to be all into weddings. i do believe in relationships but i'm not so sure about "soul mates". i mean i feel that my best friend is more my soul mate. lol. i've seen a lot of marriages fail after yrs of marriage and i've seen people stay together even when the other person in the relationship is cheating. do i want to get married? well, if it means that i lose all of my benefits than i guess no. i did tell my boyfriend i wanted to get engaged and maybe we can do a ceremony but no official stuff. "The ONE" that is such a burden to put on someone, why not this is who i'm sharing my life with. I mean "eternity", REALLY?? I love my boyfriend and i know that he'll do anything for me but would i put all that weight on his shoulder? Fuck no!! i know how to take care of myself and i don't need anyone to make me smile or be happy or any of that mushy crap. Will i be mad if my man can't come see me in the hosp or sleep there? Nope, i know people have lives, jobs, and bills and i know how the real world is. My parents are together, they were married then got divorced and then back together. They didn't remarry so they are legally divorced which is fine with them but sometimes they act like brother and sister and fight about the smallest things. i think that's what happens to all couples after a while. it just turns into someone who you become complacent with and just share the good times and bad. ok, that's all i've got to say about that. lol.


Amy said...

I think I am confused about your sis lol.

I don't believe in the ONE either. I think we find someone who makes us happy and we want to spend our lives with and we do it. The ONE wouldn't push our buttons, or piss us off or do any number of things that real wo/men do. I don't think Peter is my soul mate but I know I don't want to live without him. Can I? Of course. And like you, I don't get mad that he doesn't come see me when I am in the hospital. I KNOW he is there for me 100% if I need it and that is all that matters.

sunshine rose said...

yup, so true. i think we can go on without our men. that's really what my point was. i think you and peter are so adorable!! its just some couples make you wanna barf. lol.