Monday, April 9, 2012


Well to start off i want to say that this is in my opinion. I always start off the same way. lol. So many of my CF friends have gotten transplants, which is amazing. What i don't understand is that i feel like many of them don't know their limits. They don't wear masks, they go to very populated areas, and i just feel like they play with fire. Maybe it's cause i've lived my crazy, wild days and i'm more cautious of things. Most of the people who get the transplants are in their twenties so i understand why they want to live their lives and have fun. I guess i just wouldn't risk my new organs so quickly. Also maybe if i did get a transplant and still lived in a bubble i'd get rejection. I don't know it's just confusing sometimes how different transplant centers have different rules. some say be around kids, some don't. some say wear masks, some don't, some say travel, some don't, some say you can be in hospitals, some say stay away! I've gone through the transplant eval and have talked to the surgerons so i've asked them questions and they were very serious, they weren't all rainbows and butterflys when it came to transplant. I was able to stay stable and off the transplant list. I just hope my cfers who've gotten transplants don't play with fire too much. I remember a cfer who did a cross country trip a few months after transplant and afterwards got chronic rejection and isn't here. I guess i'd be more careful, if it seems like i'm being a debbie downer, it's ok cause i'm 34 and still here so i must be doing something right! ;)


Amy said...

I think it is all about how they want to spend their lives after the transplant. And if the center says OK then they will do it. I know with me I want to do things I never could before and continue with those things I started and had to stop. I'm going to be cautious but I a, going to live too because I didn't deal with that hell of surgery to sit on my ass all the time lol. So if I get a year of fun filled living in and then die after that, oh well. At least I got to do what I wanted to do. I always say quality over quantity and won't change it :) <3

sunshine rose said...

I guess i'm just old school. In my center they are so cautious about getting infections and can lead to rejections. to go through all that and have it only last a year, would suck.