Thursday, May 31, 2012


I feel so bad for those kids who kill themselves over bullys. I was made fun of  a lot when i was in school, i got my pills taken away from me in front of everyone in the school cafeteria and called a drug user, i was called a nerd in front of my math class, i could go on and on. All of this not cause i was gay but because i had Cystic Fibrosis. Of course, no one knew i had CF in school because it wasn't any of their business. I think the internet and social networks have a lot to do with these kids getting so depressed and harming themselves. I don't understand why bullying is so prevelent now a days. I know back when i was growing up people who were gay didn't "show" it as much as now. They kept it secret until they were adults. I don't think kids who are gay should try and not be so in your face about it. I don't mean to be mean but kids will make fun of you. Stick up for yourself, try going to a self defense class and those bullys will respect you and go away. whenever you are different people will always comment and you must have tough skin. That's how i got my tough skin, i don't let people run over me cause i'm short or cause i look young or cause of my CF. People sometimes stare if i cough and i just don't care. i used to care a lot before but i hang out with friends who know about my CF and will stand up for me as well. Sometimes people need to be slapped across the face for being so stupid. If i have to wear my O2, i wear it. i have no time to think about what other people think, if they keep looking i will tell them. if they got time to stare, i got time to share my story with them. ok, can you tell it's my time of month. lol. that is all. :)

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