Monday, May 21, 2012

Doc appt!!

it was a good appt!!! i actually went up on my pft's! i went from having only .79 to .84 getting up there to a liter! i know it sounds crappy and it is, but it's a step forward. i'm super happy in only 6 weeks without iv antibiotics i was able to get a higher pft result. i guess my working out is actually working!! my boyfriend says he's super proud of me and so am i. :) i go back to spring hill tomorrow and back to my eliptical and my man. i have a 5hr drive ahead of me so i should get some good rest. i have to pack a ton of things before i leave. i talked to my psychologist and she really helped me see that just because my boyfriend isn't the most romantic doesn't mean anything. he's an awesome person and that's that!!!

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