Thursday, February 27, 2014

I don't like attention

What does that mean? well i'm  not the type of cfer to go on tv and tell my life story. I'm not going to ask for help to get new equipment or meds. i'm not going to raise money, honestly i hate asking for it. Also my family doesnt really believe in giving money to these "foundations". they are old school people from cuba who have questions when it comes to giving money and not knowing exactly where it goes. I'm usually the one who's in the background fighting on the phone with people from the government which i feel like is the best way to go. I also love to look up on new research with anything having to do with transplants or transplant rejection advances. I love writing to these people and getting feedback even though most of the time they never write back i always think in the back of my  mind that they will remember me. This article i found on facebook really seems promising to me. if there was a way to lessen rejection in lungs and have them at least last ten yrs would be amazing. here is the link:

I've been feeling much better. On Tuesday i went to my aunt's pool for a few hours and just chilled out with my thoughts and took in the sun. It was so amazing how i felt afterwards. i came home and did the tredmil. The next day i did the tredmil again and just chilled at home and ran some errands. Today i went with my nephew to the zoo on a field trip with his class. i swear i must have walked about 5 miles or more. My chest is pretty sore from breathing so hard but the workout was so worth it. Anthony and i got home and totally passed out for a couple of hrs. I love the little man so much, i hope to pick him up tomorrow from school. Today i was having a cough attack and he started giving me therapy on my chest to help me bring up the junk. i almost started crying cause i was so overwhelmed that a little 4yr old boy understood what was going on with me and he knew what he had to do. He also helps me with all my inhaled meds. It's just incredible how much he understands. I do wish sometimes i had the energy he does cause i don't want to let him down when he wants to play but i will spoil him in whatever other way he wants because he deserves it. I love my nephew to the moon and back!!! <3 p="">

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