Thursday, February 26, 2009

therapy and another cf friend of mine were talking about some of the difficulties we were having lately. she told me she wanted to see a therapist and i said i do to. i just hate feeling these highs and lows all the time. i feel like i need to talk to someone who knows what i might be going through in a medical sense i guess. i've never been this weak after a breakup. i'm usually strong!! well he hasnt written back since i last emailed him and i'm not surprised. i asked my friend why he doesnt react to the things i write to him and she told me the straight up truth. that the reason he didnt respond is because he has no feelings at all for me. it hurt like hell to hear it but it made total sense!

now to cf stuff. i'm doing the research med and i'm having this dry hacking cough. especially when i lay down. i'm not sure if it's cause i feel like i'm getting a cold. i dont think it's the cold cause i feel better from that. i hate having to sterilize and clean the eflow each time i use it. i'm kinda lazy in that sense. lol. it takes a minute to do so i shouldnt complain. i might go an a european cruise for my bday!! my best friend who is coming along says i better be at my best, health wise or she'll be carrying everywhere on her back. hopefully by that time i'll have the new portable air concentrator that only weighs 4lbs. also i dont mind wearing it cause i'll be in a different country and who'll remember me over there. lol.

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