Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patty's Day AfterMath! lol

My Patty's day was fun. went out with some friends and walked like crazy! my feet still hurt!! there was some drama but thank god none with me. i'm so glad all my exes dont live near me. that's one reason i love long distance relationships. lol. Also a great update, even though i've only up dosed my antidepression meds i already feel the difference. i dont have the sad thoughts like before and i'm able to fall asleep so much faster!! i'm so much more happier. i see the sunshining in my life brighter than ever! also i might have a couple of more girl friends going on the cruise so that'll be fun. i know that hawaii is the honeymoon capital so i'm glad i'll be with other single gals! today is my dinner and movie night at my cousins place. i love going there and just chit chatting about stuff, it's fun!! i have a wedding on saturday, blah. there arent my cup of tea. i swear if and when i get married i will do it with only a few close family members and friends and i'll be dressed in a very simple dress and it will be very laid back and relaxed!!!!

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Somer Love said...

Looks like you girls had a blast!