Sunday, March 29, 2009

This Weekend....Family Drama!

This weekend was alright no biggie. In a way i cant wait to just get out of miami!! sometimes i wish i didnt have cf so i could just travel the world. with cf we have to lug all our meds with us and we need to be close to a pharmacy, a hospital, and cf doctors. Thank god that the internet has introduced me with many other cf's around the world, so i know there are many cf clinics out there if i ever do want to move.

on friday i went to dinner with my cousin then went to a friend's house. my sis was there as well as some couples. it felt like i was in an episode of the view. all the women sitting around a table talking about issues and entertainment and of course gossip. i got bored after a bit. we left at around 2am. then saturday during the day i heard that my cousin was having a bbq at her place. i got there and it was a bunch of people i didnt know. they were all her bf's friends. i cant stand her bf so i was super upset that they were making a mess of the place. why didnt they do it at his place? so i was at the bbq just looking at all these early kids in their twenties and wondering if i ever acted that stupid. they didnt even introduce themselves to me. they just pretended i wasnt there. my cousin's sisters were there. they are younger and i made the biggest mistake to complain to them about what was happenning. so i left a little while afterwards. Then at night i went to go see I LOVE YOU MAN!! lol. it was really great. while i was watching the movie i looked at my phone and saw that i had 3 text messages. weird cause i usually never have that many at a time. it was my cousin saying that i was very rude and whoever she wants to invite to her place is her business. first of all that's her parents place and those arent her friend's their her bf's. does she actually think those guys are going to stay friends with her after they break up? ugh, i just got so mad. today was my other cousin's bday party at some sushi place. i didnt go because i didnt want drama and i didnt want to ruin my cousin's party. it was just a mess. w/e i cant stand the dude. i even heard that he cheated on her. i know it's none of my business and i should stay out of it and blah, blah, blah, but that's my blood and i will defend it to the end. that guy has to go!!


Graciy said...

I could help but laugh when I read your post. Not because I am a horrible person or anything lol but because your cuz really reminded me of when i was in high school before I met Josh. I focused my life on the strangest things. Once J came in to my life though I really figured out what mattered I think marrige does that and CF forces it :O) I hope the sunshines when you wake up tomorrow! said...

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and introducing me to yours! I'll have to catch up on your posts as soon as I can. Also, I'll follow you as soon as the application stops bugging out. I can't get it to download right now. Weird.

Thanks again!