Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not the greatest idea

last night i was super bored so i decided to text the ex since we are now friends. he told me he was at a christmas party. something inside of my snapped. my mind started racing. thinking to myself, did he take a date, who was he with, was he getting drunk? so i texted him and asked him straight out if he had been talking or seeing anyone. he said not really, i texted back what exactly does that mean because i didnt want to start a friendship with him if i'm going to be bothering him while he's with someone. he texted me back i should get some sleep so i could get over whatever had come over me? WTF. i asked him if it was a chick he was talking to, he texted back, no a dude. in a weird way it sounded very sarcasstic to me. i dont think this friendship will work out. i feel like i'm picking fights to be angry at him so i wont be his friend. i dont know what's going on anymore. i'm just so sick of being sick and being alone. my doctor appt. is on monday t-2 days to go. i'm dreading those pft numbers.

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