Thursday, December 18, 2008

seven pounds

i just finished watching the movies seven pounds. i havent cried this much cause of a movie in a long time. there's a character that rosario dawson plays that reminded me so much of myself. whenever she was sick she loved to hear stories, she said she looked alot hotter before she got sick, she had a scar from her port, she was waiting for a transplant, and she just wanted to be loved. this movie made me think of my ex alot because he would always tell me stories when we were friends and i would be stuck in the hospital. we would spend hours on the phone. i would also always tell him about the times i was much healthier and would be able to run and just party all night long. this movie has made me realize to be a good person even when you think no one is watching. i really loved this movie. will smith played the role with such strength and heart. i dont know if anyone even reads my blogs, sometimes i feel silly writting stuff on this but one day i want to look back at these times in my life and remember them. the good stuff and the bad stuff. i go to the doctors on monday to see if i get my picc-line removed. i finished my antibiotics today and i hope to be able to do great on my pft's or at least get to baseline, which i was at before. it's pretty late now so i'm off to bed. please if you go to the movies check this one out. it will change you. wendy v.

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Tiffany said...

oooo. can't wait t see it. thanks for the tip.
and yes, at least one person reads your blog! :)