Monday, December 29, 2008


well my christmas was ok. no biggie. the one thing that's amazing is that my parents are willing to buy me a portable oxygen concentrator that only weighs 4.4lbs. the one i have now weighs 15 is and too heavy for me to carry long distances. for my xmas present they will buy me the machine out of pocket since insurance wont cover it. let me tell you it's expensive. i cant believe they are doing this for me. we arent rich by any means but they are willing to do whatever it takes for my health. they also said that when i didnt need it any longer they would give it away to someone who needs it. my parents are saints! my ex texted me for xmas i texted back with just ditto. i'm really going to hate watching everyone makeout at midnight on new years. i wish i could finally find someone. i know my health comes first but why cant i have both. one good thing i got tickets to the dolphins versus ravens playoff game! woohoo!!! i cant wait!


Somer Love said...

I want to get the concentrator too! I for get the name but you can take it on planes too!

Happy New Year! I hope your 2009 finds you healthy and happy!

sunshine rose said...

Hey! well the one i'm getting is called the airsep freestyle and yes you can take it on a plane!! happy new year as well!!