Saturday, January 3, 2009


Tomorrow is the day i go to the dolpins playoff game! i'm so excited. I hate that my seats are so high but i dont care. I made my own top to wear. It says got pennington and in the back it says go phins. yay!! sometimes i wish i were like some other people and use my cf to get perks on stuff. my friend always calls guest relations and tells them her story and they hook her up with things. i've never done that. i've always wanted to be normal like everyone else. it's getting a bit harder when i get short of breath. i actually did really well on friday. i went to the mall and went walking around the mall for 2 hrs. i only sat down twice. i must admit when i got home i coughed up a ton of stuff. it felt great. lol.

yesterday i had this huge urge to text my ex. i told myself no, i cant do that. i must admit his brother has a website for his new son and i have looked at it. my ex is in some of the pics. he's wearing a shirt i bought him in the pics. it's weird how girls make the weirdest connections to stuff. i think did he wear that shirt cause he knew i might look at the pics? it's so nutty. well i didnt call him but i have looked at the website. i feel like a drug addict who needs a fix every once in a while. it sucks!! i hope the feelings go away soon. it's only been about 2 months since we broke up so i guess it's normal.

after the game i will post up pics to show all the craziness. i'll probably shoot a video as well!!! i cant wait!!

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