Thursday, January 15, 2009

Men in Miami Suck!!

well today i was home trying to recover from the workout from hell yesterday. i totally messed up my lower back and my legs are sooo sore! i got a text from this guy i've know for about 6yrs. we have always hooked up when we dont have anyone else. we are each others backup plan. the last time i hooked up with him was in early dec. and we've kept in touch since then. i found out last week that he has a girlfriend. it really surprised me cause that means he was seeing me while he was dating her. today he kept texting me trying to make me see him. i told him no a thousand times and that he should just be happy about being with his girl. he said that i was better and it just got very explict. i was so fed up with his texting i called him and the first thing i said was WTF do you want!! he said he wanted to see me and flirt with me. i swear he made me feel like such a whore. is that all i was worth to him. i really thought that we were friends more than anything. he always asks me my doctor appts. he's seen me in my worst and what i liked most about him is that he's always attracted to me no matter how i'm looking. i told him he should be happy he's with someone and to leave me alone to find someone too. did he think that just because i had cf i was desperate enough to have sex with anyone. what a dick!! i feel sorry for his girlfriend for beliving in him. i cant believe my horrible luck with men. i swear i'm really not a slut, i would never hookup with someone in a relationship. this guy is so gross to me now, i will never touch him again!!!

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