Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Weekend.....

This weekend friday started out with major back pain. I wasnt able to workout at all. My lower back is still killing me! I feel like a take a step forward and two steps back. I was doing so much working out and everything was great and then my lower back gets messed up. I know exactly how i did it too, I thought i was 12 again and started doing cartwheels all over the living room. What was i thinking!!! Friday night i just stayed home cause it was cold and there was really nothing going on. Then saturday was my mom's bday!! we celebrated by going to my aunt's house and having a lundin (meal inbetween lunch and dinner). At night time we went to the movies and watched My Bloody Valentine in 3d! it was so chessy and gorey. It was great, the two main guy actors were HOT and in 3d even better!! So then sunday i just went to my sister and her boyfriend's place and watched the football games and ate bbq. I've been trying that online dating stuff. I havent been interested in anyone yet. Hmmm lets see....Oh in good news i havent texted or emailed my ex!! YAY for me!! It's been hard but i'm trying!!

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