Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History was made today!!

Today barack obama became president. I hope he makes a difference in america. I hope he makes a change and he raises the tax prices on cigarettes. i'm sure we would definately cut our defecit (sp) by a ton of money. Also it made me proud to find out that a cuban designed the dress the first lady michell obama wore today. it wasnt my favorite but i heard from friends of mine that work in fashion that it was a great choice for her skin color and her body style. Other than that today i was able to work out a bit more even though my back is still hurting. i'm doing many stretches and then i walked on the tredmil and did some time on the eliptical machine. then i felt inspired and helped did some housework for my mom. I want to go to DC in feb. my sis and her boyfriend will be there and it would be great that she'll be there cause she could do my therapy. my sis just wrote me an email. she told me not to go on the trip cause she thinks i get everything and she gets nothing. i'm so mad right now. i didnt want to be born with cf and i didnt want all the attention on me. i cant take it anymore. i cant believe my own sister would treat me like this.

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