Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New number.....

I changed my cell# yesterday. I felt like i had to if i wanted to forget the past and start out new. I now feel free from my phone and i dont check it anymore to see if the ex texts me. it's very freeing. i'm happier now and i dont think about him as much. well it's superbowl weekend! i'm going to go watch it with friends at a resturant/bar thing. i hope it's good. i'm still working out everyday and now i'm taking my huge 90lb bulldog for walks around the block. it's fun to be with a partner and not alone. lol. lets see what else is going on..........nope, nothing pops up. my lower back still bothers but i feel it's getting a bit better. i cant stop working out. i feel things loosening up so much now and it's so much easier to bring it up! it gets addicting. also i'm helping my mom around the house alot more. YAY for me!!

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