Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Strange Idea!!

ok so me and my friend ali were chatting online and i started thinking of how unlucky we are in love. today is actually my two month breakup-versary. i miss him so much. i know i've said it in like every single post. i dont care i'll say it until the end of time if i want to. so i told ali how i dont want to do the regular online dating crap. i want to start a new dating forum. it's going to be kinda weird and i'm sure weirdos will come out of the wood works if we do this idea. ok, so it's going to be called terminal dating. the idea is that it's going to be a chat site/dating/blogging site. it can be people with any terminal illness and regular people who want to meet or just chat about their love lives or dating. i have no idea how this will work. it sounds pretty silly but i really want to meet someone but i dont want to meet someone then scare them off with the whole cf thing. i'd rather them read about me and if they think they can handle me then they can contact me or whatever. lol. pretty crazy i know!! we'll see what happens with that. i think it's just a pipe dream but it's cool to dream. last night i had an awesome dream where i was freaking popular with the guys. i was like dating some great catches, lol. i wish it were real!!

here are some pics from the dolphin game!!


Tiffany said...

i like your dating website idea...how about "chronic dating" for folks with chronic illness?

you're disease may eventually become terminal but you're not terminal right now, right?

wishing you continued strength, healing and creativity...

sunshine rose said...

omg, thanks tiff!!! i was going to ask you about it. chronic dating sounds good too. i just dont want people to think chronic(weed) as the drug! lol.